Holiday Rentals and Other Tourist Attractions in Le Tignet

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south-east and north of Grasse Mandelieu La Napoule is Provencal village of Le Tignet. While only 25 minutes drive from Cannes, this village can not be otherwise. It is quietly flowing from the hills, cypresses, olive trees and situated in the sunny hills beneath the southern Alps. This is Roman history and origin goes back to pre-Roman times as well. This post has been setup by the Romans who built a camp here, but the lack of water is not made ​​permanent.

U 12 Century Village is an established and NY 14th century, the monks who settled in Isle de LĂ©rins has helped make Le Tignet large farms. You can still see today terracing to take the monks during this period the village has developed trade with Grasse and Draguignon.Kuga finished everything in about 1348th It was devastating for the wiping out a good number of villages fully and Le Tignet suffered.

It has remained uninhabited 1350 - 1699 when he gradually re-populated, but even in 1918 there were only about 120 people registered as living in a commune. All that has changed now, with more than 3000 draws in the warm sun, a typical Provencal life and its proximity to Grasse and Cannes.

Cannes is easy to drive and even easier to travel if you drive to Grasse and take the train. Today, passengers line takes precedence over what is an industrial line, originally built at the turn of the century to allow the fragrance products from Grasse easier to move their products from Grasse. Unfortunately it fell into disrepair during the Second World War, and only opened in 2005 as a passenger service. This allows people to access not only to Cannes, just 25 minutes, but the train links to the main coastal network to provide access to many of the beautiful Cote d'Azur resort, such as Juan Golfe Juan Les Pins, or plus Cannes, Nice, Antibes, and even across the border into Italy to collect those special smells of cheese and olive oil.

Grasse still has some fragrance manufacturers in the residence and tours to see how it all works and continues to run throughout the year. Cannes, however, has much to ponuditi.Kupovinu with La Croissette is world class with all the major designer labels with the sockets. More shopping is available for mortals, and the beach restaurants are famous throughout svijeta.Stari city of Cannes is particularly attractive at night when you leave for visitors and locals swarm to the Rue St Antoine in the old town to find a restaurant or just in the atmosphere.

will stay in Le Tignet the hotel may not be possible or advisable. To enjoy the best local amenities you May be better to rent a private villa with pool. These are much more accessible than you might think, especially in summer, July and August, as many of the locals is the possibility of renting our house and go on holiday myself, but why would you want to leave what may be one of the final destinations we run ! Several agencies in the area to specialize in rental properties and many of them speak English, or perhaps even ex-pat. This makes it easier than trusting their dodgy French and the possibility of great views and room to move and that the pool, it can be much more comfortable than a hotel.

To get to Le Tignet, a car is recommended. Nice airport is just 30 minutes away and serves destinations throughout Europe and the United Kingdom and beyond.

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