The Top Ten Best Tourist Spots in Italy

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Italy is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. This is a favorite of millions of tourists worldwide. And who can blame them? No one can resist the charms of Italy's culture and architecture. This boot shaped country, after all, home of the legendary heroes of the Romans and the Renaissance. Indeed, if you go to Italy, be prepared to have your breath taken away sheer beauty of the place.
1) Coliseum

No other civilization in the world could top the Romans in terms of strength and power, and indeed, the Romans practically conquered the world. And for fun, the Romans were the world. They had the Coliseum, where the rewards of their conquests, lions and other exotic animals to fight with gladiators. Indeed, if you stand within the walls of this gigantic complex, you can almost feel the spirit of celebration that once rang through the place.
2) Piazza Campidoglio

Piazza Campidoglio, or Capitoline Hill, the seat of power of the Romans. And today, it still stands as Italy's center of politics. He holds the famous statue of Castor and Pollux and various structures designed by Michaelangelo as a double staircase and other buildings.
3) The Roman Forum

In addition, there is nothing more exciting than to go to a place where democracy was born. The Roman Forum, where the Roman Senate after held a heated debate discussing everything from the great wars to petty squabbles, are also popular tourist attractions. Here you can find the Forum of Caesar and the Forum of Trajan, and there is also the Palatine Hill and all the other temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses of ancient Rome.
4) Panteon

Pantheon is one of the best places you can visit in Rome. It is full of beautiful architecture, beautiful sculptures and statues, beautiful. This magnificent building is also home to the tomb of the famous painter, Raphael.
5) Trevi Fountain

This world-known source is known for its sheer beauty and size, and there are several sculptures, including one of Neptune coming from underwater, riding on a sea shell that has attracted two horses with wings. It was featured in Dan Brown's famous novel, The Da Vinci Code. Also, toss a coin into it while facing away from him and he said he would be guaranteed a return to the big city.
6) Grand Canal in Venice

There's nothing more romantic than going on a boat ride on the famous canals in the floating city of Venice. These quixotic canals are featured in various films and popular couple in the world. It is also a great way to get into all the sights of the beautiful city.
7) Sistine Chapel

the Vatican, although it is considered as an independent country in itself, is still located in the heart of Italy. And there, you will find a great Sistine Chapel where extraordinary pieces of art can be found. There you will see the works of Michelangelo and Botticelli.
8th) St Peter's

Also, if you're a fan of great architecture, you'll see the famous St. Peter's. It is the largest Catholic church in the world, and that is simply teeming with beautiful paintings, frescoes and statues. You can also see this Basilica's famous dome which is literally filled with works of art.
9). St. Peter's Square

Of course, if you're going to St. Peter's, and maybe walk a few steps to get to St. Peter's Square. This beautiful plaza is designed by the famous artist Bernini. She was also featured in Dan Brown's novel.
10) The Vatican Gardens

The Vatican Gardens as beautiful as they are great. This grand paradise filled with beautiful sculptures, fountains and flowers. This is a great place for sightseeing and picture-taking.

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