The Best Tokyo Tourist Destination Guidebook

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taking a vacation, short or long, in Tokyo, Japan requires time and knowledge about the location and scenic destinations that a tourist should visit. Before jumping into the car or packing the bags, take some time off and check what are the best tourist destinations in Tokyo via the web, or might as well read the old-fashioned yet very convenient guide books. We have a list that might help you narrow your search or help you find the best Tokyo tourist destination that you thought about the age before the scheduled holiday for this. If we talk about the tourist sites, ancient sites, temples and quiet, you can find one in Tokyo sami.Široku array of choices for the "Small Explorer" in you. So grab a pen and paper and jot down the best Tokyo tourist destination of your choice.

First, the Asakusa district is located in Taito, Tokyo, Japan. It is home to the Sens-ji, a Buddhist temple built for the Bodhisattva Kannon, the god or goddess of mercy in Japanese Buddhism. Because the district on the north edge of central Tokyo, about a mile east of Ueno train / metro exchanges, the more traditional Japanese atmosphere of the traditional neighborhood in Tokyo. It is also called "Shitamachi" which means "low city" because of its low height. Matsuri or Shinto festivals are common in this part of town since the place has a large number of religious sites which host a festival of the year, if not every sezone.Najpoznatiji the Sanja Matsuri in May, which means "Three Shrine Festival", the biggest festival mikoshi or "portable shrine ".

The neighborhood is known for its carnival complex full of rides, booths and games called Hanayashiki. Theaters are known for playing the classic Japanese films, and there are cruises, as well as a number of Sumida River. Geisha, or a traditional Japanese female entertainers known for their abilities in dance and music, can still be seen in okrugu.Više relaxed atmosphere with a colorful place, Asakusa is also known for its lower accommodation prices, so enticing budget travelers.

is one of the best tourist destinations Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. From Tokyo, Japan is famous for its gardens and landscapes, a visit to this spectacular tourist destination is not propustiti.Mješavina French Formal, English Landscape and Japanese traditional imperial garden has not only beauty, but the tradition as well. Originally meant for the royal family, the garden is 58.3 hectares in area with a circumference of 3.5 km. Home to more than 20,000 trees, including more or less 1500 cherry trees, the majestic Himalayan cedar, which rises above all the trees in the park, tulip trees, cypresses and plane trees, which were first planted in the Imperial vrtu.Vrt is a favorite place for Hanami or cherry blossom viewing from late March until the end travnja.Čudo that not only the Japanese have been anticipating all year, but tourists as well.

Next on the list for the best tourist destinations in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is located in the heart Tokiju.Kula communication and observation kulu.Drugi highest artificial structure in Japan, at 332.5 meters (1091 feet). Inspired from the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tokyo tower lattice tower painted white and international orange in compliance with air safety propise.Toranj is one of the best Tokyo tourist destination for the fact that when the sun goes down and the city lights begin to flicker, enchanting light tower at night captivates whoever looks at it. It was built in 1958 for tourism and an antenna lease. More than 150 million people visited the tower since opened to the public. FootTown, the building directly below the tower, there are museums, shops and restaurants. Guests can also visit the 2-deck observatory. The main observatory is 150 meters (490 ft) and a special observatory reaches 250 meters (820 ft ).

All in all, Tokyo has tons of nice places and amazing tourist spots that you can visit. Whether traditional or modern, ancient or futuristic, you will surely enjoy your vacation in one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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